Monday, January 31, 2011

Learning Intentions & Success Criteria-Part Four

Some strategies:
·          explain to students that the learning intentions will be identified for each lesson and ask them to remind you if you forget
·          have a “special” area of the board for objectives – or a smaller A3 whiteboard alongside your board -so that you notice when L.O.’s aren’t there
·          explain that feedback about their work will be linked to the learning objectives – and make sure it is!!
·          Use a small number of learning objectives, normally a maximum of two or three
·          Unpick the learning objective: discuss what constitutes good work and the learning outcomes or criteria you are looking for. Tell the students:
1.    What the activity is and how they are to go about it
2.   the learning objective – why they are doing this, e.g. by linking the objective to the unit of work
3.   what you are looking for – what they will need to do in order to achieve the learning objective (i.e. the success criteria)

“We need to let students into the secret, allowing them to become insiders of the assessment process.  We need to make provisions for them to become members of the guild of people who can make consistently sound judgements and know why these judgements are justifiable.”  Royce Sadler 1998

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